Application for Membership

Those wishing to apply for membership must complete the combined Application and Fee Form and submit it to the General Secretary, together with a more detailed CV for consideration.

Once your application for membership has been accepted (usually within one month) you will be notified.

Application and Fee Form (*.docx)
Application and Fee Form

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Members Fee Form (*.pdf)
Members Fee Form (*.docx)
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Membership provides the following opportunities

As a Member you will receive

As an Associate member you will receive

Fellowship of the EAPCCT

The Fellowship of the EAPCCT is a discretionary award conferred on members of the Association who have demonstrated distinction and commitment to the speciality of Clinical Toxicology and/or to Poisons Centres and who have made a significant contribution to the work of the Association, its sister organisations and/or its sponsored journal. It is an honorary award that does not carry specific benefits, but Fellows make a contribution to a Fellowship Fund that is used to support worthy causes as recommended by the fellows themselves.

Criteria for Fellowship

Fellows of the EAPCCT are EAPCCT members of good standing with at least 5 years continuing paid membership who have provided evidence of

a) a significant contribution to the work of EAPCCT, e.g. several of the following:
b) contribution to clinical toxicology or poisons centre activity by
(note that multiple contributions are required over several years)

The fellowship is withdrawn should a member stop paying the subscription to the EAPCCT, unless they have been awarded emeritus membership, or should they fail to make their contribution to the Fellowship fund each year. Under these circumstances the former Fellow would need to reapply for fellowship.
Subscribing retired members and emeritus members can be Fellows of the EAPCCT, provided they make their annual contribution to the Fellowship Fund.

Application process

Members wishing to apply are invited to complete and return an application form. Copies of the application form can be downloaded here.
The deadline for receipt is indicated on the documents and is usually the end of November each year.

Consideration of applications

Applications are considered by an EAPCCT Fellowship Committee, which is a standing committee of the Board, appointed by the President, that would usually consist of the Past President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Chair of the Scientific and Meetings Committee and (if appointed and at the discretion of the president) the Chair of the Working Group on Poisons Centres. The Fellowship Committee meets annually, usually in January.

Each application is considered against the fellowship criteria and a recommendation made to the Board for approval. The Board makes the final decision by consensus, or by majority vote if consensus cannot be reached. There is no limit to the numbers of fellows that can be appointed in any year. The decision of the Board is final and there is no right of appeal.

Members of the Fellowship Committee are not able to apply for Fellowship during their term of office. Members of the Board who are being considered for fellowship are not able to take part in discussions.

Award of fellowship

Fellowships are awarded in person at the EAPCCT Congress and details of fellowships awarded are provided on the EAPCCT website. Those members who have received the Fellowship are also indicated on the member’s directory.