Application for Membership

Those wishing to apply for membership must complete the combined Application and Fee Form and submit it to the General Secretary, together with a more detailed CV for consideration.

Once your application for membership has been accepted (usually within one month) you will be notified.

Application and Fee Form (*.docx)
Application and Fee Form

Membership 2019

Treasurer's Letter 2019
Members Fee Form (*.pdf)
Members Fee Form (*.docx)
Paying Online

Membership Fees 2019

Annual Subscription

Members will pay an annual subscription of EUR 180 in 2017. Members of the American Academy of Clinical Toxicology who do not wish to receive Clinical Toxicology pay a reduced annual subscription of EUR 130 in 2017. Associate members also pay the reduced subscription of EUR 130 in 2017. Reduced fees are available for those who pay for 2 or 3 years in advance.
The membership fee for Emeritus members is free or EUR 65 for subscription to Clinical Toxicology.
Any member who has not paid his/her subscription by 31 December each year shall automatically cease to be a member of the Association.


Current members may use the Membership Fee Form 2019 (as *.pdf or as *.docx) to pay their one, two or three year's fee to the treasurer (pdf/docx to print, fill, and send by mail or fax (+420 224 964 629). Payment can be made ONLINE when entering the membership part of this website.

Please read the Treasurer's letter regarding membership fees.